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Sweet Dreams
Sweet dreams, sweet dreams,
   sweet dreams in this ghastly place
Wherever it is you may be,
   if ever it may not lead to your grace
Still, sweet dreams, sweet dreams!
Be not it may on a summer's day
  haul the efforts you tried to give
Fend his trickery lips so blind
  with armored eyes that pierce and heave
Shun the portals he try to make
Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare,
  my dear it has haunted me so!
Into the width of my spirit
  through the thickness of my soul
Lest it not come for me to sow.
Yet sweet dreams, sweet dreams
  sweet dreams for me it brought
Out of my memories it shone
  going past my heart, I thought
it was a dream, a dream!
I went with you in all my dreams,
  O, all my dreams!, O all those dreams!
I knew it was you who tricked me so,
  in not my dreams, O not in my dreams!
Now you'll meet the final curtain
  as I have learned to pull it down 
I may not have that much to gain
   at least i fought the dreams i frown.