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Return to Innocence

Return to innocence my child
Sleep until you slept no more
Wake not in a world so mild
Let your eyes bleed and sore
	Your lips dry
	Your hearts cry
		Never cease until the day die

Return to innocence my lover
Be blind forevermore
See not the emptiness of a dove
But better yet the desire in your heart
	To where it start
	Words that spark
		Enlighten your loveís dark

Return to innocence my mother
Treasure the life in your soul
And he will be like no other
The one you brought up 
	In your own cup
	And in your palms
		Hinder not the man he will be with his charms 

Return to innocence my father
Continue to quench the young mind
Fight not in wars, for it will not matter
Let your bodies be our protection
	Our guard
	Our bulwark
		So never again be weary

Return to innocence earth
Relive the spirits of your virginity
To where new lives give birth
Shelter then from all anxiety 
	From all hypocrisy
	From all indignity
		Show them your wrath if they disobey

Return to innocence my child
Love until you love no more
Wake in your motherís mild
Donít let your father bleed and sore
	In your lap
	In your arms
		Let the earth cover your soul