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Rain on Me
I can hear you coming
faster than my wits could imagine
soaking everything your hands
touches upon
beating the roof with your
loud, ear crackling, tune.
Come, rain on me
my skin has been awaiting
the cold of loneliness you bring.
giving lie to my heart
and a beat to my soul.
I shall not shelter nor will my
eyes close as i feel you
drop down from the dark, sunken sky
Why do some shy away when you come?
Could they not feel the spirit
in you hands lay?
or perhaps the need for truth
terrifies their insides?
I ask too, in times,
why would you always come to me?
why when I don't need you,
you come?
Didn't two things of the same 
magnitude repel?
And yet, I still delight!
having you near me gives me 
comfort--that somewhere, in the same
time that I am, there's one 
that is weeping with my woes,
floading me with music 
only my heart understands.
Soaking my face to hide my cries.
For all that you have been,
if only I, myslef, can rain on you
when you, yourself, come down
raining on me.