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Parking Limited

Iíve always been parked here
I guess, this is where I belong
I drove all across in spheres
And people always bid me so long
I think I shouldnít be driving anyway
This road could never lead a way
Itís always been the same
In this old, tiring game

Iíve never went anywhere but here
I couldnít even get what I want
Everything seemed to be geared
To stay away from me, when I almost have them
Things seemed to fit to everybody else
But not me, in any way it canít be

I think Iím fine, I know I have been prone
Nevertheless, the new me have grown
Not by moving anywhere else
But by merely looking
In this very same spot that Iíve started
I think I have come to accept
That in life there could be no regret 
That from among so many other parking spaces
God has put me in a place where I could grow

For now Iím contented parking here
Under this loveless sign I have grown with