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Never seen Love
In depth of my heart
with the stillness of my soul 
I love thee of magnitudes 
of a thousand stallions
racing through the fields of
green, yellow and brown hues
I can see thee
standing on top of the hill
shining brightly,
that even the light of 
a million stars be shamed.
Your eyes
piercing arrows with poison
a stunning shade of brown
that would change as the 
image of mine
shows through the blackness
and stillness of your stare
I would stand there motionless,
as your red lips invites,
along with your hands
that signals comfort, trust, 
My heart eats up the insides,
that feels so warm, so hot,
like summer baked in an oven
I could not resist!
My mind is blanked,
body firm but in motion,
everything as if spinning,
except you and I standing still
motioning towards each other:
so real, but not so real
For when the spinning stops
everything becomes in clarity:
I could not have you
nor so can you.
Whatever it is thats in your eyes
that meets mine is something profound.
My touch cannot reach you
my lips cannot feel you
now what would I do?
Everytime it stops spinning
when in time my mind contain
realities of life I disgraced
It is not only my eyes that can see,
my heart probes deeper, 
into the depth of someone's
eyes I haven't seen
skin I haven't touched
breath I haven't felt
I could account everything that has happened
Whenever my eyes are closed
and my heart opened