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Justify me Leaving
Not in my mind did I think
that this thing will come:
As slowly as the candle melt,
so abruptly did you go;;;,
the more you made me feel,
the more you took it away.
I cannot asnwer my questions alone
nor can loneliness fill my heart,
that has been longing 
for logical reasons,
tangible truths
If i leave you,
would you leave me in return
or will you stay to watch me go?
or perhaps you would rather stay
and ask me to return.
Then justify me leaving
If I make you leave me,
don't expect my memories to leave you
nor expect it to haunt you.
For it will stay--
it will just stay...
But...if ever things remind you of me
and it bothers you that you still love me,
do me a favor and let it stay.
For it wouldn't mean harm,
it would only mean my appreciation.
Appreciation of something
you know I'll treasure.
A thing you would most likely
not to forget.
And if ever these things
would make you want to have me again
then justify me leaving